The Looter Lure was invented in the early 1980's on lake Michigan. It's been used ever since as it was tried & proven by 3 generations of Professional Fishing Guides. The Looter Lure is a premium lure made from solid brass that is then plated with jewelry quality silver & gold. What makes the Looter Lure special is that its pure silver or gold quality will retain its color at any depth, which is where other metals and colors would loose their quality below certain water depths. The Looter Lure can be cast, trolled, or jigged, although its original purpose was intended to be trolled for salmon on the Great Lakes. 

The Looter Lure was designed specifically for - 

  • Salmon fishing 
  • Striped Bass Fishing 
  • Large Mouth Bass Fishing
  • Walleye Fishing 
  • Casting, Trolling, and Jigging
  • Saltwater, Freshwater, and Ice-fishing

But can be used anywhere, at any time!   


Looter Lure Ultra-lite size 3 in Orange!


The Journey: 

The Original Lures - 

Looter Lure Co. started with a single concept for a lure that is still available in three sizes - Micro, Original, and Magnum. They are each made up of stamped brass disks, plated with Silver, that can be rearranged in any configuration simply with a pair of split-ring pliers. That idea grew and cultivated enough interest for us to engineer the same set in Gold, and then further into each coming in 2 different weights, one lighter and one heavier. These quality lures have certainly "caught" the hearts of fisherman and tackle shops from across the nation. 

Looter Lasers + Ultra-lites -

Not long after the 12 Silver and Gold Lures hit the market, a new idea sparked in the form of fiber-optics! Thus, the Looter Laser was born. The 5 different sizes of Looter Lasers take the form of your favorite individual Looter Lure disks, with a circular fiber-optic color in the middle. You wouldn't believe the action these pieces add to the already impressive Looter Lure! After we had the pieces and started experimenting, the Ultra-lites were born. These lures are small but mighty, taking on all kinds of fishing trips, especially on the ice! The Lasers and the Ultra-lites come in 9 fiber-optic colors and 1 glow-in-the-dark color. 


Looter Lure Original Silver


Why Looter Lure is better than your average lure: 

Unlike most lures on the market, there is no wrong way to fish the Looter Lure. It is proven successful while fished at every single configuration you can think of. The photos above include some of the ways we have used the Lure, but there are countless other successful solutions! This Lure is made to stimulate the creativity in every fisherman, and the fish are going crazy for it.

David - Employee at Looter Lure



Owner - Bobby Vericella

Bobby is a lifetime and avid fisherman who was born and raised in Central Illinois. He owns a professional construction and property leasing business locally, as well the patent pending Looter Lure Series. He is also an Illinois State Record holder for Hybrid Striped Bass and uses the Looter Lure with every fishing trip. The Looter Lure has helped catch thousands of fish from the Great Lakes to smaller ponds in the Midwest, and Bobby attributes much of his fishing success to the Premium Silver Lure. 



Tony Angello, Bob Angello, and Bobby Vericella