CUSTOMIZE YOUR LOOTER. Looter Lure can be configured to meet your fishing needs and are 100% customizable. Looter Lure can be used for casting (largest jewelry silver piece in middle) . Looter Lure can be used for trolling (any configuration). Looter Lure can be used for jigging (any configuration). All you need to modify your Looter Lure is a pair of Split Ring Pliers! 

Want even MORE customization? 

Interchange any Looter Laser pieces (fiber-optic) that can be purchased in our "Lasers" section. These are a great way to tailor your lure into exactly what you need for your specific fishing trip. The best part? You can change them out as many times as you'd like! There are as many possibilities for Looter Lure configurations as you have in your imagination! 


Check out our diagrams below!